Etude House My Beauty Tool Octopus Silicon Brush (Purple)


  • For exfoliating, massage and cleansing! A silicone brush to help gently and deeply cleanse pores with a fine, thick textured lather
  • Exfoliation + massage + cleansing at the same time! The soft, dense silicone hair cleans the skin without burdening cosmetic residues and wastes. Gently massage your face using thick silicone bumps.
  • All-in-one pore brush that does not require a foam net. The foam that is made more rich and dense as it passes through the sponge meets with the dense silicone brush hair, so you can cleanse the pores refreshingly.
  • Easy to clean and keep clean. Unlike the existing pore brush, which was not dry and there was a risk of bacterial propagation, it can be used conveniently and hygienically by separating the sponge and silicone after use, washing and drying them cleanly.

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