Long Bath Loofah with Stick – Green


Soft Mesh Pouf Sponge Will Not Irritate The Skin, Feels Gentle And Produces Lots Of Bubbles From A Single Drop Of Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Or Shampoo
Exfoliate And Rejuvenate Skin, Feel Fresh And Clean After Long Days, Great For Thorough Body Cleaning And Massage, Create An At-home Spa Experience, Cleans Off Dead Skin, Germs, Oil, And Dirt Providing You With Healthier Skin

Perfectly Designed To Reach Any Body Area, Curved Handle Makes It Easy For Back Scrubbing, Shower Loofah Brush Can Be Used By Kids, Adults, Elders, Pregnant Women, People With Disabilities, Makes It Easier To Reach Legs, Feet, Back
Excellent Travel Necessity, Long-lasting, Durable Loofah Brush Wont Easily Fall Apart Or Break, Allows For Easy Drying

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